4 Tips for End-of-Life Planning

Whether you practice healthy eating habits or exercise daily, it’s important to do end-of-life planning to help ensure that you receive the care needed and can allocate assets to your loved ones. Unsure of where to begin? Here are our top four tips to consider when creating an end-of-life plan:

  1. Gather Important Documents

A good first step is to gather all your important documents and paperwork. For example:

  • Social Security card
  • Birth certificate 
  • Power of attorney 
  • Bills and bank statements
  • Insurance policies

Note that when you’re not accessing these documents, it could be good to ensure they are stored in a safe place, like a fireproof safe or safety deposit box. Remember to let your executor or a family member know where and how to access these documents in case of an emergency. 

  1. Determine End-of-Life Care

Two of the most crucial aspects of end-of-life planning is determining what care you plan to receive and identifying who will be helping you along the way. For instance, if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, the person you identify in an advance directive can choose the course of treatment you receive. 

Creating an advance directive is one way to ensure your family knows what your wishes are. A health care provider can help with this process and can answer any questions you may have. 

  1. Consult an Estate Lawyer 

End-of-life planning can be an overwhelming process, and important decisions could be overlooked. Consider consulting an estate lawyer as they can help with the following documents: 

  • Living Will 
  • Last Will and Testament 
  • Living Trust 
  • Letter of Intent 
  • Financial Power of Attorney 
  • Health Care Power of Attorney 
  • Letter of Competency 
  • Organ Donor Card 
  • Do Not Resuscitate Order 
  • HIPAA Release 

Ensuring these documents are prepared can provide peace of mind and may even reduce stress for your family during a difficult time.  

  1. Decide on a Life Insurance Policy 

If you haven’t already, consider purchasing a life insurance policy and designate your beneficiaries. Life Insurance policies could help your family continue to pay bills and other expenses after you pass. Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance offers three types of Life Insurance policies: 

  • Term Life 
  • Whole Life 
  • Universal Life 

Term Life

Term Life policies can protect your family or business for a set amount of time, or a set “term.” Once the determined term ends, so does the coverage. Learn more about Term Life Insurance.

Whole Life

Whole life policies insures an individual for their entire life. It offers financial protection for your loved ones and gives them access to an accumulated cash value that was determined with your insurance provider. Learn more about Whole Life Insurance

Universal Life

Life is full of unknowns, so you may prefer a plan with some flexibility. Universal Life is similar to a Whole Life insurance policy, but it allows you to adjust elements in your policy along the way, like premium payments and death benefits. 

End-of-life planning is all about ensuring that your loved ones are protected. If you want to make changes to your existing policy, or are thinking about purchasing a plan, contact your local OKFB agent to discuss your options. Our life insurance calculator is also a great tool to help you understand the amount of coverage that’s right for you.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Insurance Policy?

Are you familiar with your Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance policy?

“Yeah, I practically have it memorized!”

“…well, kinda.”


Answer the following questions to test your OKFB insurance policy knowledge. The prize for a perfect score? Major bragging rights. (Scroll down to see the answers!) However, if your score isn’t what you expected and you have some questions, don’t worry! Your OKFB agent will be happy to answer any questions you have – no matter how big or how small. We’re here for you.

  1. What is “umbrella coverage”?
    a. Coverage that only goes into effect during inclement weather
    b. Coverage that provides higher limits of protection
    c. Coverage that protects your umbrella against damage and/or theft
  2. Which of the following is NOT considered a ‘dwelling?’
    a. A home
    b. A mobile home
    c. Any shop that sells food or drink items
  3. If you want to contact your local agent, what do you do?
    a. Visit the Find An Agent page on the OKFB website
    b. Holler real loud
    c. Call the operator
  4. What is a CD?
    a. One of those tiny records kids are listening to these days
    b. Celine Dion’s initials, of course
    c. A certificate of deposit – a low-risk money management tool that provides you with a fixed interest rate
  5. Can a jet ski be placed on a boat insurance policy?
    a. Yes
    b. No
    c. Yes, but only if it’s really cool
  6. I’m building a home. Can I insure a home that’s under construction at any time throughout the construction process?
    a. Yes, as long it doesn’t have more than 5 bedrooms
    b. No, the policy must be put into effect before construction of the home begins above ground level
    c. Maybe, but your contractor will decide
  7. How many Oklahoma counties have OKFB Insurance offices?
    a. 5
    b. All 77
    c. 56
  8. What animals can be insured on the 4H/FFA policy?
    a. All animals, besides dolphins
    b. Any animal that walks on 4 legs is eligible
    c. Show animals belonging to club members of the insured 4H or FFA club
  9. Does General Liability cover me if my employees are injured?
    a. No, you will need a Workers Compensation policy to cover your employees
    b. Yes.
    c. Only if you’re at fault
  10. Are my farm employees allowed to drive my insured farm automobiles?
    a. Only if they drive under 10 miles per hour
    b. Yes, if their driving record is acceptable
    c. Yes, but off-road vehicles are excluded



  1. What is “umbrella coverage” anyway?
    Answer: B. Umbrella coverage provides higher limits of protection against bodily injury or property damage claims by a third party.
  2. Which of the following is NOT considered a ‘dwelling?’
    Answer: C. A dwelling is a house, apartment or other place where you live.
  3. If you want to contact your local agent, what do you do?
    Answer: A. Visit the Find An Agent page on the OKFB website.
  4. What is a CD?
    Answer: C. A certificate of deposit – a low-risk money management tool that provides you with a fixed interest rate. When you deposit your money into the account, however, you agree not to make any withdrawals for a certain period of time. You get your money in addition to whatever was earned in interest back at the end of that time.
  5. Can I place a jet ski on a boat insurance policy?
    Answer: A. Yes. Boat Insurance options and features include:
    Medical payments
    Physical damage
    Ask your OKFB agent about insuring your jet skis on a Boat Insurance policy.
  6. I’m building a custom home. Can I insure my home at any time throughout the construction process?
    Answer: B. No, the policy must be put into effect before construction of the building begins above ground level. If you’re a builder, then check out available coverage options for builders.
  7. How many Oklahoma counties have OKFB offices?
    Answer: B. You can find OKFB agents in all 77 Oklahoma counties. Use the Find An Agent tool to locate an agent in your area.
  8. What animals can be insured on the 4H/FFA policy?
    Answer: C. You may insure show animals belonging to club members of the insured 4H or FFA club. Raising a lamb, pig or other farm animal for 4-H or FFA club exhibitions or contests requires not only skill, but hard work and lots of dedication. Therefore, consider insuring your animals with 4-H and FFA insurance from a company that understands the effort you put into your show animals.
  9. Does General Liability cover me if there are injuries to my employees?
    Answer: A. You will need a Workers Compensation policy to cover your employees. However, if you don’t know what kind, or how much coverage you need, contact your OKFB agent. We’re happy to help!
  10. Are my farm employees allowed to drive my insured farm automobiles?
    Answer: B. Yes, farm employees may drive your insured farm automobiles however, their driving record must acceptable. You can easily provide their driver’s license information to your OKFB agent to add them as approved drivers.



These Are a Few of Our Favorite (2021) Things

We know that 2021 was an uncertain time for many Oklahomans, but there’s one thing you can always be sure of – Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance is here for you. Despite the hard times, we have a lot to be thankful for and we want to take a moment to express our gratitude and reflect on our top 3 favorite moments from last year.

#1: Sam Barrick raised $25,000 for the Ronald McDonald House

Last year, OKFB agent Sam Barrick led an effort in Love County to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House. He raised an incredible $25,000, which helped provide a comfortable space in the Ronald McDonald House for families that have a child hospitalized in OKC. Sam Barrick is living proof that Oklahomans have big hearts. Thanks, Sam, for all you do!

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance Agents helped raise $25,000 for the Ronald McDonald House.

#2: Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance’s 75th Anniversary

In 2021, we celebrated our 75th Anniversary! We’re honored that so many of you have trusted us to take care of your homes, your farms, your businesses and your families over the last 75 years. Together, we’ve been through a lot and every day we’re inspired by your resilience, strength and character. Thank you for welcoming us into your communities and homes. We look forward to serving Oklahomans for many years to come.

#3: A New Feature Just for You

Anything we can do to make your lives easier – no matter how small – is a big win for us. That’s why in 2021, we rolled out a new feature that allows you to opt-in to receive email notifications for:

  • Changes made to a policy
  • Renewal notices
  • Billing statements

We’re happy to make these processes seamless and more convenient. If you haven’t signed up for email notifications yet, contact your Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance agent today to make the change!

Thank you for your business, support and friendship. Because of you, we know great things are in store in 2022.

Top Insurance Questions Answered by Insurance Agents – Part 2

Insurance helps to ensure that your assets are covered from a range of incidents. To help you feel confident when shopping for insurance we have answered five common insurance questions our agents commonly receive.

1. Are home-based businesses covered under a homeowners policy?

A homeowners policy protects homes from unexpected incidents and damage. However, it can be difficult to know what exactly a homeowner’s policy will cover for a home-based business. For example, unlike a homeowners policy, a small business insurance policy would cover the inventory stored in a home, a vehicle that is used for business, etc.

2. Does my homeowners policy cover damage if my tree falls on my neighbors’ property because of a tornado or ice storm?

Typically, if a tree or part of it from your property falls on your neighbors’ property and causes damage because of a tornado or ice storm, you will not be held liable. Your neighbors would file a claim with their insurance company. Our claims reporting hotline is available 24/7 and is ready to help whenever you need.

3. When should I get Life Insurance?

Did you know obtaining Life Insurance while you’re young and healthy is usually the most optimal time to obtain it? This is the period of time where an individual will most likely benefit from lower rates. Use our life insurance calculator to determine how much Life Insurance coverage may be needed. Obtaining Life Insurance as soon as you are able is beneficial in the long-run. It can provide peace of mind when thinking about loved ones.

4. Does Auto Insurance cover a hit-and-run accident?

In most cases an Auto Insurance policy will cover vehicle damage, possible medical bills, etc. in the case that a car accident occurs and the individual at fault intentionally leaves without providing contact information.

5. What do I need to do to file an insurance claim? 

Don’t delay taking action after an event that damages your property if you suspect it may make you eligible to file a claim. Start by contacting your agent, or using your carrier’s online claims tool – we have several claims options to choose from. Make sure to have your contact information, policy number and detailed information of the incident ready when you file. 

If you have additional insurance questions, check out our FAQs. Also, you can always contact your local OKFB agent with any inquiries or questions about your policy or specific coverage needs.