When you lease property to run your farm or ranch, your landlord likely does not have a policy that covers your personal belongings or liability for your operation. Our coverage options for farm and ranch renters can help protect you from the unknown and help replace damaged or stolen personal items.

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How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Determining the right level of insurance coverage you need doesn’t have to be confusing. An OKFB agent can help you understand how much coverage will be right for you, your family and your home, helping provide peace of mind no matter what the future may bring.

Farm Renters Coverage Options & Features

Personal Property

Personal Property coverage helps cover your personal belongings inside your home in the event of damages or theft. Talk with your OKFB agent if you have special items like firearms, furs or jewelry that may need additional coverage.

Additional Living Expense

Additional Living Expense coverage covers day-to-day costs, such as charges for temporary housing, incurred in the event that you and your family can’t live in your home due to a covered loss that makes your dwelling uninhabitable.

Farm Personal Property

Farm Personal Property insurance covers farm machinery, equipment, supplies, livestock, hay, grain and other miscellaneous property owned and used in farming and ranching.

Farm Buildings and Structures

Farm Buildings and Structures Insurance covers farm use structures not used as your primary residence, barns, corrals, bunkhouses, silos or various other structure types.

Medical Payments To Others

Medical Payments To Others insurance can cover limited medical payments to those who are injured while on your property regardless of fault.

Personal Liability

Personal Liability insurance can keep you covered in case you become legally liable for property damage or bodily injury.

Farm Employers Liability

Farm Employers Liability insurance provides compensation to farm workers you employ and are legally obligated to cover in the event of an injury.

Farm Employees Medical Payments

Farm Employees Medical Payments insurance covers limited medical expenses incurred by farm employees while working for the policyholder.

Medical Payments for Named Insured and Family

Medical Payments for Named Insured and Family insurance covers limited medical expenses incurred by the policyholder or a policyholder’s family member due to a farming or ranching incident.

Insurance Credits & Discounts

We offer a range of premium discounts to Farm Renters policyholders who qualify under the programs listed below

Companion auto discount

If you have an auto policy with OKFB you may be eligible for a discount.

Burglary/Fire alarm discount

If you have an active burglar or fire alarm in your home, you may be eligible for a discount based on the type of alarm you have installed. Not sure what alarms are eligible? Contact an OKFB agent.


Convenient Payment Options

We offer many ways to conveniently pay your farm renters premiums. Choose from a full payment, quarterly payments or a monthly automatic draft from your bank account. Check with an OKFB agent to see which option may be best for you.

Do you need to change your premium payment preferences?

Don’t fret – We understand life happens. That’s why we allow our policyholders to easily update their payment preferences. Contact your OKFB agent to make a change.