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When Christie’s husband passed, OKFB Insurance made sure her family’s ranch was taken care of. Now, as an OKFB Insurance agent herself, she takes pride in providing the same excellent, personalized service to others. Like Christie, our agents have roots in Oklahoma. They know the land, the job and the equipment, and will work with you to protect your hard work.


Hay bales on a farm

Coverage for all farmers and ranchers.

Our agents have the experience to work with you to create a custom policy with complete protection for your farm or ranch.

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Farmer working with cattle on his land

Keep the farm running.

Life on the farm doesn’t run without your vehicles. Protect your trailers, tractors, trucks and more with coverage you can trust.

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Semi truck on highway

Protect your rig and larger equipment.

As your operation grows, so does your equipment. Let us protect your new addition and keep your rig rolling forward.

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Harvester running in farm

Coverage for essential equipment.

Protect equipment like combines, hay balers or cotton pickers with just the right amount of coverage.

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Dad pointing and speaking to son about the farm

Renter’s protection for life on a farm or ranch.

Protect your personal assets from the unexpected when leasing farmland and property.

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Temporary farm home during construction project

Peace of mind while the pieces come together.

Building a farm is a major project — protect your investment from start to finish with custom construction coverage.

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Cattle with ear tag

Protect your prized livestock.

Raising an animal is a labor of love. Feel good about the hard work by protecting your club’s show animals.

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Farm buildings across field and farmland

Protect your farm against fire damage.

Your farm structures cover a lot of things, whether its equipment, livestock, feed or seed. Make sure those structures are protected from fire damage and losses.

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Family photo standing in front of a tractor on their farm

Protect your home and livelihood.

A lot happens on a farm during a given day, including accidents. Protect your family, farm and assets from costly claims or lawsuits.

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Family photo in their barn

Expanded coverage for extra protection.

Protect your assets and livelihood from costly claims or lawsuits that may not be fully covered under a standard liability policy.

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Close of photo of crops

Protect the seeds you have sown.

Let us help protect you should your harvest not turn out as expected.

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  • Agents in all 77 Oklahoma counties
  • Affordable, complete coverage tailored to your
  • Made in, made of and made for Oklahomans
  • Proven reputation of excellent, dependable
  • Policies and people you can trust
  • We know Farm & Ranch coverage best

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