Daily farm operations have come a long way since we started providing insurance to Oklahoma farmers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a harvester, planter or a tractor, we have implement policies that work to protect these expensive pieces of equipment.

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Determining the right level of insurance coverage you need doesn’t have to be confusing. An OKFB agent can help you understand how much coverage will be right for you, your family and your home, helping provide peace of mind no matter what the future may bring.

Farm Implement Coverage Options & Features

Physical Damage

Physical Damage insurance covers loss of or damage to your insured farm implements.


Liability coverage helps protect you financially in the event of a liability claim or lawsuit due to bodily injury or property damage caused by your covered implement by you or other covered operators to others.



Convenient Payment Options

We offer many ways to conveniently pay your farm implement premiums. Choose from a full payment or a monthly automatic draft from your bank account. Check with an OKFB agent to see which option may be best for you.

Do you need to change your premium payment preferences?

Don’t fret – We understand life happens. That’s why we allow our policyholders to easily update their payment preferences. Contact your OKFB agent to make a change.