Our insurance portal allows you to view your policy details, payment history and claims history at any time. You’re also able to use My Insurance to make your premium payments. Additional features allow you to obtain documents related to your policies like declarations, invoices and security verification forms.

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How To Sign Up

To use the Insured Portal, you must first set up an account here. For security reasons, you will need to know your insurance policy number, plus any three of the following which relate to the policy being entered:

  • ZIP (5-digit ZIP Code) associated with the policy
  • Member ID (Membership Number)
  • Premium Amount (Total premium on your policy)
  • Phone Number (If entered by Agent – must include Area Code)
  • Last Billed Amount (Amount shown on your last policy invoice)
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Number (If listed on policy)

Note: Your policy declaration or invoice will contain enough information to set up an account.