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24/7 Roadside Service

Whenever you need roadside help, we’re ready to provide service.

Free for OKFB Members and Insurance Policyholders*

From towing to tire changes, if you’re a current OKFB member, Roadside Rescue is just one call away.

Peace of Mind

Roadside Rescue offers you worry-free travel—letting you and your immediate family in your household enjoy the journey.

Travel With Confidence

Roadside Rescue empowers you to discover new roads and explore remote destinations.

We’re On Our Way

  • Emergency fuel and fluids service (3 gals.)
  • Battery jump start service
  • Unlock service
  • Flat tire assistance
  • Towing disabled auto

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Roadside Rescue?
    Roadside Rescue is designed to help with the expense and inconvenience of a vehicle breakdown. If a current OKFB Member’s vehicle is stranded on the side of the road, simply call the rescue hotline at 833-957-OKFB (6532).
  • How does an OKFB Member get Roadside Rescue?
    Roadside Rescue is provided by OKFB Insurance to every active Member of Oklahoma Farm Bureau beginning Dec. 1, 2020. Please remember to pay your membership bill on time in order to have continued access to Roadside Rescue during the next membership year.
  • I'm not an OKFB member. How do I get Roadside Rescue?
    We’re glad you’re interested in worry-free travel. You can get Roadside Rescue two ways: join OKFB as a member or by obtaining insurance with OKFB Insurance. To be an OKFB member, individuals must have an Oklahoma address associated with the membership. For a full list of our products, please visit the website home page.
  • How does an active OKFB Member contact a Roadside Rescue provider?
    For timely Roadside Rescue, call 833-957-OKFB (6532). Have your membership number available. Note that your membership number is not your insurance policy number. If you’re unsure of your member number, please call your local county OKFB office.
  • What do I do if I lost my Roadside Rescue card?
    We suggest you take a picture of your card with your written member number on it, in case your card becomes damaged or lost. If you lose the card, you can still call the Roadside Rescue service number to receive service, as long as you are an active OKFB member.
  • What does the Roadside Rescue Program include?
    • Towing Disabled Auto 
      • When necessary, covered OKFB Member’s disabled vehicle will be towed up to 15 miles to the nearest qualified service facility or destination of Member’s choice.
    • Battery Jump Start Service
      • If a battery failure occurs, a jump start will be applied to start the covered OKFB Member’s vehicle.
    • Flat Tire Assistance 
        • Includes the removal of the covered OKFB Member’s vehicle’s flat tire and replacement with spare tire.
      • If no spare is available, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest qualified service facility or destination of Member’s choice.
    • Emergency Fuel and Fluids Service
      • An emergency supply of up to 3 gallons of gas, oil, fluid and water will be delivered to the covered OKFB Member if their vehicle is in immediate need.
      • OKFB Member must pay for the fuel upon delivery.
    • Unlock Service 
      • Rescue gaining entry to vehicle if covered OKFB Member’s keys are locked inside the vehicle.
      • Covered OKFB Member must provide ID and proof of vehicle ownership.
      • Note: The cost of replacement keys is not covered.
  • How much does it cost?
    The Roadside Rescue Program is a free service from OKFB Insurance for all active OKFB members. As an insurance company, we care about ensuring that our members’ safely arrive at their destinations.
  • Are there any out of pocket costs?
    In the event that a supported service is not available through the administrator, an OKFB Member may receive a refund of payments made for services received independently – up to $75 per occurrence benefit. For further information, please see Terms and Conditions.
  • What are the Roadside Rescue Program benefits/limitations?
    • Up to $75 benefit per service
    • Up to 15-mile tow
    • Up to 3 occurrences per membership year
  • Do OKFB Members need to be in Oklahoma to receive Roadside Rescue?
    No – members are supported in all 50 states and Canada through a preferred service network. OKFB Members have access to Roadside Rescue whenever and wherever they need it.
  • When is service available?
    Starting Dec. 1, 2020, service is available 24/7/365.
  • How is this different from Roadside Assistance already offered by OKFB Insurance?
    OKFB Insurance does offer additional Roadside Assistance on our auto insurance policies for an additional price. This paid Roadside Assistance policy addition includes more coverage beyond what free Roadside Rescue covers. If you are interested in additional coverage or have questions about your current paid Roadside Assistance policy, please reach out to your local agent.

"Insurance is no better than the man behind it, and I've got a good man pushing mine. Having somebody that thinks enough of ya to come out at night to check on ya, it makes ya feel good, and proud of your agency."

- Carl Holmes, Welling, OK