We’re proud to have provided insurance to Oklahomans for more than 75 years. We began offering insurance to farmers and ranchers and have since grown to offer a wide range of insurance and financial products for all Oklahomans. Whether you have an auto, homeowners, farm or life insurance policy with us, our goal is to be a partner who always operates with the highest degree of integrity.  As an OKFB policyholder, you can rest easy knowing our company has your best interests at heart, through all of life’s ups and downs.


Your automobile is not just four wheels and an engine. It’s what propels you to soccer practice, your next promotion and those unforgettable summer road trips. Let us help ensure your vehicle is protected no matter which road you take in life.

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There are many different styles of homes across Oklahoma. Wherever you lay your head down each night, you can rest easy knowing we can cover your home from studs to shingles.

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Farm & Ranch

We got our start helping farmers and ranchers protect their assets. The profession has changed over the years, but our dedication to honest and fair service has not wavered. We’ll help protect your equipment, buildings, crops and more.

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We value the Oklahoma businesses that drive our state forward. Our wide range of flexible commercial policies can ensure your business is protected day-in and day-out, no matter what life throws your way.

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Oklahomans don’t just work hard; we play hard, too. Whether you’re taking the camper out or enjoying the sun on a jet-ski, you can trust us to keep you covered while you relax.

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Other Insurance

In addition to our comprehensive insurance offerings, we also offer specialized policies to protect more unique assets.

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