5 Tips to Prevent Fires in Your Home

Keeping your home safe is a top priority, so making sure to avoid fires is obviously top of mind. From installing smoke alarms to maintaining heating sources and crafting emergency escape plans, these tips can help make your house a safer home for you and your loved ones. Keep reading for tips on how to prevent fires in your home! 

Install Smoke Alarms

To enhance your home’s safety, strategically place smoke alarms on every level of your residence and outside every sleeping area. Regularly check these alarms to ensure they are in proper working condition and change their batteries at least once a year.

Maintain Heating Sources

Regular inspections and cleanings of home heating sources, including furnaces and stoves, are essential. Keeping up with maintenance gives you an opportunity to address any issues to prevent malfunctions before it’s too late. Also, remember to regularly check for cracked or rusted furnace parts and tend to any creosote buildup in chimneys.

Stay Informed About Recalls

Keep yourself informed about recalls related to home appliances that pose a fire hazard. Register your appliances with the manufacturer to receive timely recall notices. Take immediate action to replace or repair any recalled appliances, reducing potential fire risks in your home. You can search for recalls through the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website, or by downloading the app

Keep Flammable Items Away from Heat

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free kitchen stove area is crucial. Store flammable items such as pot holders, towels and curtains away from cooking surfaces. Additionally, avoid leaving cooking appliances unattended while in use and regularly clean oven hoods and vents to prevent grease buildup.

Have an Emergency Escape Plan

Practicing emergency escape plans is vital for every household. The American Red Cross suggests all members, including children, know two ways to escape from every room. Conduct fire drills regularly to familiarize everyone with escape routes. Designate a family meeting spot outside the home where everyone gathers after escaping, and ensure that windows and doors can be easily opened and unlocked.

Home safety is a collective responsibility that demands diligence and proactive measures. By implementing these home safety tips to prevent fires, you not only protect your property but also prioritize the lives of your loved ones.

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