Farm Safety Tips

You know operating a farm or a ranch can be a risky occupation. And, when it comes to protecting your life’s work, your loved ones and yourself, you also know safety should be a top priority. One of the key ways to help keep those risks at bay is through preventative safety measures. We hope you will keep these farm and ranch safety tips in mind all year long.

Tractor Safety

Knowing how to operate tractors safely is important. It is one of the most heavily used pieces of equipment on a farm or ranch. Remember when operating a tractor, securely fasten your seat belt, limit one rider per seat, avoid ditches and steep embankments, and reduce speed when turning, crossing slopes and on questionable surfaces.

Travel Safety

At some point, you’ll likely have to drive a tractor or other farm machinery on public roadways. When this time comes, make sure you are prepared to travel down the road safely. A few things you can do are, display your slow moving vehicle sign on your machine, ensure reflective tape is showing, set your lights to flash as hazards and practice heightened awareness of the vehicles behind, beside or in front of you.

Clothing Safety

You should always wear the appropriate clothing and safety gear for each job. If using chemicals, consider proper gloves, respirators and protective clothing. If you are working with large farm equipment, consider hearing protection, eye protection and steel-toed shoes.

Keep Kids Safe

Take time to talk with your children about the dangers of farm equipment. Additionally, share safety rules and procedures with them. You should also take proactive steps to limit any ways a child could get to this equipment, such as locking barns, putting up ladders, removing the keys, etc. Finally, make sure you always know where children are before taking out machinery.

How OKFB Can Help

Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s Safety Services Division offers free programs focused on teaching farm safety, fire safety and a number of other topics. Learn more about these programs, or request one for your community by visiting OKFB’s Safety Services Division.