How to Safely Dispose of Your Live Christmas Tree

Ready to start crossing items off your New Year’s to-do list? If your family enjoyed a live Christmas tree this holiday season, it’s time to make a plan for disposing of the tree safely. By following these steps, you can safely and responsibly dispose of your live Christmas tree.

Stay hydrated!

While it’s tempting to forgo the watering of your tree once the holidays pass, it’s important to continue caring for the tree until you’re ready to dispose of it. Keep it watered to prevent it from drying out, as dry trees pose an increased fire hazard. As an added bonus, well-hydrated trees will retain their needles better and cause less of a mess in your home when the time comes to remove the tree!

Clear the Christmas tree and clean out your space

Start by removing all the decorations and lights from the tree. This will prevent any potential safety hazards and make the tree easier to handle. Once your decorations are put away and the tree is removed, check and clean the space that housed your tree. Look around the floor for any potential water damage from overwatering. Make sure to steam clean carpets or repair hard floors right away to prevent further problems from spilled or standing water. If your tree dropped needles, try to sweep up rather than vacuum as pine needles can clog your vacuum cleaner.

Check options for local pickup or disposal

If your tree is still healthy and green, you may be able to donate it to a local park! Many parks and reserves will accept live trees and use them for habitat restoration or erosion control. If your tree cannot be donated, it is important to dispose of it properly to prevent potential fire hazards. Many cities and towns offer curbside pick-up for live Christmas trees, so check with your local waste management department for details. You can also check with local recycling centers to see which ones accept live trees to be composted or mulched.

If you’re transporting the tree in your vehicle, make sure to secure the tree to your car with cords or rope. For trees that extend more than a couple of feet beyond your car’s bumpers, tie a reflective flag to the end to alert other drivers. Just because the tree isn’t going to your house, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to skimp on securing it safely to your car!

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