Don’t Get Fooled By Top Insurance Myths and Misconceptions

When it comes to shopping around for insurance, it can be overwhelming to sort through the sea of information. This is true for new policy owners or even when it’s time for an annual review of your current policy. Furthermore, popular insurance myths and misconceptions can leave you even more confused. Check out some of the top myths we hear, and the facts that bust them.

Myth: Life insurance is not necessary until I’m older.

Fact: Life insurance can be a valuable investment at every life stage. Whole and universal life policies not only provide a death benefit, they also allow you to use accumulated cash value. This would be perfect for personal plans like saving for a home or retirement, meaning investing younger can yield benefits for later in life.

Myth: All the belongings in my house are covered by my homeowners policy.

Fact: There are different types of homes and each home varies in the features it has and the homeowners policy it needs! Limitations may apply to specific items, especially those that are high in value. Plus, items you may consider part of your home may be considered separate within your policy, such as a detached property. Learn more about home insurance.

Myth: Earthquake and flood insurance come standard with homeowner insurance.

Fact: Standard homeowners insurance policies don’t typically cover damage caused by a flood or earthquake. Policy additions for natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, can often be added to a policy. But if the coverage is not obtained before the event occurs your property will not be protected. Learn more about our coverage options.

Myth: Color is a major factor in the cost of my auto insurance.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, having a red vehicle does not automatically mean your auto insurance will cost more. However, there are several other factors to keep in mind when car shopping. Things that could affect the price you pay to insure your car can include: car make, body type, age of your vehicle and the car’s sticker price. Visit our auto insurance page for more info. 

If there are other insurance myths and misconceptions that leave you scratching your head, contact your local OKFB. We’re here to help!

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