Can A Ticket Impact My Auto Insurance?

Life happens fast and at times it can be easy to speed through. It could be easy to speed to work when running late or accidentally parking in the wrong spot. However, getting a ticket on either of these encounters could impact your Auto Insurance rate. Check out these facts on how a ticket could lead to an increased Auto Insurance premium.

person pulled over and getting a ticket from a police officer

Ticket Violations Can Impact Your Driving Record

Did you know a speeding ticket in Oklahoma could stay on your driving record for up to 3-5 years? The Oklahoma Department of Transportation utilizes a point system to track traffic violations and other penalties. If left unaddressed, this could lead to higher Auto Insurance rates and even the suspension of a license. 

Amount of Traffic Tickets Issued

Speeding tickets are not the only violation that can live on your driving record. For instance, there are actions that can have a lingering impact on an Auto Insurance premium. Actions such as texting and driving, running a red light, out-of-state tickets and DUIs. Also, the amount of tickets and the types of ticket offenses are both used to determine a rate increase or change to your premium.

  • Tip: Practice safe driving habits to prevent a rate increase and future traffic violations. This could involve putting the phone down while driving, paying close attention to state laws, and not eating while in traffic.
car speeding on the road

By practicing safe driving and paying attention on and off the road, you can avoid a rate increase and additional tickets. Also, ensure your vehicle is covered under your Auto Insurance policy and contact your local OKFB agent for additional questions or inquiries.

man on his phone in the car and may get a ticket