Are you prepared for summer?

Important question: Do you know what it takes to enjoy your favorite summertime activities safely and responsibly?

Summer is a time for fun in the sun and enjoying activities with your family and friends, but these activities also come with increased risk of accidents and injury. Summer safety is not often someone’s first thought when grilling, camping, enjoying the great outdoors or splashing in the local pool. However, being prepared for the unexpected can help you and your loved ones stay safe while still enjoying your summer plans!

Answer the following summer quiz questions to test your safety skills. The prize for a perfect score? Major bragging rights and feeling secure knowing that you are prepared for a fun (and accident-free) summer. Remember to share this summer quiz with friends and family—having this knowledge could save a life! (Scroll down to see the answers.)

Summer Quiz

  1. Did you know that some swimsuit colors are safer than others? What is the safest swimsuit color of the options below?
    a.) Black
    b.) Neon pink
    c.) Blue-ish purple
    d.) Mossy green
  2. Squirting lighter fluid on already-burning charcoal is a smart way to grill.
    a.) True
    b.) False
  3. All RVs are the same, so they all require the same insurance coverage.
    a.) True
    b.) False
  4. It’s okay to leave my pet in the car when it’s:
    a.) 100 degrees
    b.) 95 degrees
    c.) 80 degrees
    d.) None of the above
  5. I don’t need to wear sunscreen on a cloudy day.
    a.) True
    b.) False
  6. Which of the following is a symptom of heat exhaustion?
    a.) Headache
    b.) Nausea
    c.) Irritability
    d.) All of the above
  7. Kids should wear a helmet when riding:
    a.) A horse
    b.) A bicycle
    c.) A scooter
    d.) All of the above
  8. Can a jet ski be placed on a boat insurance policy?
    a.) Yes
    b.) No
    c.) Yes, but only if it’s really cool

How did you do on our summer quiz? Keep reading to find out!


1. The answer is: B – Neon pink

When someone is under the water, they can be difficult to spot. Choosing the right swimsuit color can help you keep an eye on your loved ones more easily.

2. The answer is: False

Don’t pour or squirt lighter fluid onto an open flame. This can cause a flashback fire to the container in your hands.

3. The answer is: False

There’s a big difference between a Class A motorhome and a pop-up camper. The type of RV you own will play a big role in determining the amount and type of coverage you need. Not sure if you have the right coverage? Contact your local OKFB agent to find out.

4. The answer is: D – None of the above

Even if you’re parked in the shade with the windows down, the inside of your car can become unbearably hot very quickly. Dogs can start to experience heat exhaustion when their body temperature hits 103 degrees.

5. The answer is: B – False

You can get a nasty sunburn even on cloudy days.

6. The answer is: D – All of the above

Heat stroke can cause permanent disability or death if the person does not receive emergency treatment. Visit CDC.com to learn how to spot the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

7. The answer is: D – All of the above

Bike helmets reduce the risk of head injury by at least 45%, brain injury by 33%, facial injury by 27% and fatal injury by 29%. And remember: helmets are for everyone—not just kids.

8. The answer is: A – Yes

Boat Insurance options and features include liability, medical payments and physical damage. Ask your OKFB agent about insuring your jet skis on a Boat Insurance policy.