5 Home Maintenance Items You Shouldn’t Overlook

As a homeowner, you already know that it’s important to keep your home clean and in good condition. Sure, vacuuming the floors may come to mind first—but there are some other frequently overlooked home maintenance items that you should check in on, too! Take a look our top home maintenance tips to keep your home tidy and clean.

1. Dishwasher Filters

The dishwasher filter is your trusty sidekick when it comes to ensuring you’re getting squeaky clean dishes. Over time, the filter can become clogged with debris, which can cause it to spew out old food particles while washing your dishes. Dishwashers can also be prone to bacteria because of the dampness, especially when they are not cleaned regularly. Make sure you run an empty cycle with cleansing liquid every once in a while and give it time to fully dry out. To clean your dishwasher filter, simply remove it from the dishwasher and rinse it off with warm water and soap.

2. Washer and Dryer Filters

Did you know you’re supposed to wash your washer? Like the dishwasher, your washing machine can be prone to mold or other bacteria. Run an empty load with some white vinegar and baking soda in your washer to remove any buildup of detergent or fabric softener.

You probably already know to clean off the lint trap in your dryer between each load of laundry, but do you know how often to clean the dryer vent? A dirty dryer vent is the culprit behind 34% of home fires caused by dryers. It’s best to clean out the dryer vent and behind the dryer around every three months. To do so, unplug your dryer from the wall, disconnect the dryer duct (located on the back of the dryer), and vacuum the lint out of the vent. If you have a long or difficult to access dryer vent, you can also hire a professional to come clear the line for you.

3. Water Heaters

Your water heater is another important item to check for maintenance. Over time, minerals can build up in your water heater, which could cause your water lines to clog or lead to other major problems. Keep your water heater in tip-top shape with checkups by professionals at least once a year to make sure everything is running smoothly. Another step to maintaining a healthy water heater is flushing your water heater at least once or twice a year to avoid buildup. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way to keep you safe from major problems or damage!

4. Faucet Aerators

If your faucet doesn’t seem to be performing the way it used to, your faucet aerators may be to blame. These are another item that often gets overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Like a water heater, these small screens at the end of faucets can become filled with minerals, which can clog up your faucet and restrict your water pressure. To clean your faucet aerators, just unscrew them and rinse them off with warm water or soak them in vinegar. Faucet aerators should be rinsed at least every six months or more if you have harder water.

5. Air Filters and Vents

You probably know you need to replace your air filters, but how often do you clean your vents? It’s good practice to do a monthly or quarterly inspection of your air vents for any dust buildup. See any dust buildup? Use a duster or a vacuum attachment to remove the buildup. There are a lot of factors that go into how often you need to replace your filters and clean your vents; however, your air filter may have a replacement date to follow as a general guide.

Keep your home running like a well-oiled machine by taking the time implement our home maintenance tips! However, in the event that damage does occur, it’s important to know that you have options. Reach out to your local OKFB insurance agent for help and to talk through your coverage plan or to assist in the event of a claim.

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