Safety Tips for Your Holiday Party

It’s officially the holiday season, and in between the busyness of stuffing turkeys and stockings comes holiday parties. Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s likely you’ve got a gathering or two on your calendar this season to share in good cheer with friends, family and neighbors. No matter the occasion for the party, it’s important to ensure everyone stays safe while enjoying the holiday spirit. Keep these safety precautions in mind heading into this season full of celebrations. 


Decorating is one of the best ways to get in a holiday mood, but operating around them can sometimes lead to accidents or injuries. When choosing your decorations, select only flame-retardant or noncombustible materials. You should only use indoor lights indoors and outdoor lights outdoors and also not overload electrical outlets. Keep breakable ornaments, decorations, and potentially poisonous plants, including mistletoe, holly berries, etc. out of reach of children. 

Candles, Fireplaces

Candles and a roaring fire can be great for party ambiance and to ease the chill on a winter night. However, you should try to avoid using candles during your party if possible. If you choose to use them, ensure they are far away from any decorations, out of the reach of children and away from any walkways, exits or windows. As for the fireplace, ensure decorations are not placed too close to the heat source. Use a protective screen and make sure the chimney was cleaned at least once in the last year. 


With decorations, lighting and sound equipment all requiring electricity to power them, cords will inevitably pose some safety issues. Reduce the risk for people to trip over them or spill something on them by tucking cords between the carpet and baseboards. If this isn’t possible, aim to cover the cords in bright, reflective tape or lay a rug or runner over them.  

Serving Alcohol

If you plan on serving alcohol, make sure your guests are over the legal drinking age. Keep people engaged with activities to help prevent anyone from consuming too much too quickly, and make sure to have food and other, non-alcoholic beverages available. Lastly, always ensure your guests have a designated driver, taxi or ride-share option to get them home safely should they consume alcohol. 

Be Vigilant 

You want your guests to have a great time and to make it home safe from the festivities. Help them do this by staying aware and vigilant during the party. Keep an eye out for any spills and clean them up quickly to help prevent slipping hazards and to remove the risk of injury from broken glass or other items.  

Happy holidays from OKFB Insurance! We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their time with loved ones this season. 

Holiday party decorations on a table