Farm Equipment Maintenance Tips

Routine maintenance is important for ensuring the longevity of a car, home and even machines. Here are three things to remember when conducting maintenance on farm equipment!


Setting time weekly, monthly or every season to schedule equipment maintenance can help keep farm equipment running in its best condition. Keeping equipment in good shape helps keep your farm running smoothly throughout the year. One option is to schedule maintenance pre-planting, pre-harvest, and in the off-season. This can help ensure your farm equipment is ready for use when needed. 


Conducting an inspection can save time in the long run, can help keep you on schedule and help reduce any surprises while on the job. If you’re not sure where to start, reading the owner’s manual can help. Common inspections can include:

  • Testing lights, signals and hazards
  • Inspecting tires and wheel bearings
  • Checking fluids and coolant levels
  • Lubricating chains and cables

Routine Upkeep

Similar to inspections, doing routine upkeep might help prevent a loose fastener from causing big damage. Routine upkeep could include:

  • Replacing worn-out tools or parts
  • Cleaning dirt and debris
  • Filling the tank with fuel
  • Checking or taking note of any possible leaks

Along with taking care of your farm equipment, ensure your farm or ranch has the protection it needs with a Farm & Ranch Insurance policy. Contact an agent today to see how much coverage you may need. As an added bonus, OKFB policyholders are eligible for member benefits that could save you money on farm and ranch equipment.