6 Pool Safety Tips to Know This Summer

Swimming pools are a fantastic source of exercise and a fun time, but they also can be extremely dangerous if you are not careful. Embracing essential safety measures can safeguard you, your family, and your friends from potential accidents. Let’s dive into some crucial pool safety tips that can help ensure a safe and fun time at the pool. 

Install barriers

One of the most effective ways to prevent accidental access to the pool is by installing barriers. In fact, most insurance companies consider pools to be an attractive nuisance and require a fence to be installed before writing a policy. Ensure that the fence is at least 4 feet tall and features self-closing and self-latching gates. Additional safety can be provided by installing a pool alarm that alerts you if anyone enters the pool area without permission.

Designate a Water Watcher

When it comes to pool safety, constant adult supervision is indispensable. Designate a responsible adult as the “Water Watcher” whose sole role is to monitor the pool area without distractions. For families with young children, staying within arm’s reach of them at all times may be able to prevent accidents. Keep in mind that drowning can occur quickly and quietly, so the designated water watcher should avoid any activities that divert attention, like being on your phone.

Stay away from drains

Pool drains and suction outlets pose a serious threat, especially to young children. Entrapment caused by pool drains can result in serious injury or drowning. Educate children about the dangers of drains and instruct them to stay clear of these areas. Be sure to regularly inspect your pool’s drains and make sure they are compliant with regulations.

Get CPR certified

In a water emergency, every second counts, and knowing how to perform CPR can be life-saving. Get CPR certified and ensure that other adults who frequently supervise the pool are also trained in CPR for both adults and children. Many organizations, including the American Red Cross, offer courses that teach you how to respond quickly and effectively in emergencies.

Take precautions during storms

Swimming during a thunderstorm is highly dangerous. Lightning strikes can occur suddenly, even in the absence of rain or with blue skies visible. At the first sign of an approaching storm, get everyone out of the pool and move indoors. When you think the storm has passed, make sure to stay out of the water and take cover until at least 30 minutes have passed since the last lightning strike or thunderclap.

Know what to do in a water emergency

Preparation is key to responding effectively in a water emergency. Having a plan in place and knowing the actions to take can make a life-saving difference. Make sure you know the following steps in your water emergency plan:

  • Call 911 immediately if someone is in distress or has been pulled from the water.
  • Perform CPR if necessary until medical professionals arrive.
  • Keep essential equipment nearby, such as a life ring, reaching pole, and a first aid kit.

Keeping these pool safety tips in mind can create a secure environment where everyone can enjoy the water with peace of mind. Remember, safety is a shared responsibility, and together we can ensure that the pool remains a place for fun and relaxation!

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