5 Steps to Achieving Your New Year’s Goals

With a new year comes the spirit of new year resolutions. January is a great time to create personal or professional goals. However, as we often come to find, new year’s goals are easy to forget about and it can be difficult to remember to work towards fulfilling them. We’re here to help, with five steps to encourage you to reach and complete your new year’s goals this year!

Step 1: Reflect

Looking back to see what you were or were not able to accomplish can help provide a baseline for what goals you might want to achieve this upcoming year. For personal goals, taking some time to sit down and write any thoughts about the new year could be a great first step. If you are a business owner and don’t know where to get started, check out our end of year checklist for businesses to help you review last year and prepare you for the new year.

Step 2: Be specific 

After a couple of months, it can be easy to forget what goals you set when they aren’t specific. For instance, a goal could be to cut costs or save money…but by how much? Adding in extra detail to your goals can help make them feel attainable and easier to plan for. It’s also a great idea to keep them somewhere that you visit frequently to help keep them top of mind. 

Step 3: Plan

By laying out steps, action items and even deadlines, you can keep yourself on track and accountable to fulfilling your goals. Plans don’t have to be completely figured out, but at a minimum should start with a rough outline. Creating a plan can help make your goals feel less daunting and more achievable. 

Step 4: Check-in

Throughout the year, it’s important to check-in on the goals you’ve set, and keep track of any progress. For example, set a reminder or calendar event on your smartphone, or ask someone to check-in with you. During these check-ins, stick to an agenda. Ask yourself if you are making these goals a priority or what roadblocks are preventing your success. Goals are great in that they are flexible, so it’s okay to change course as the year progresses.

Step 5: Re-evaluate 

It can be easy to both overestimate and underestimate what’s possible. If you set a goal to cut costs by 10 percent and complete it in six months, cross it off the list and write a new goal! Re-adjusting goals or revamping your approach to how you complete them is the beauty of intentional goal setting – they are for you. If your priorities shift and you feel a goal isn’t worth pursuing anymore, make the change. New year, new you, right? 

As you establish and work towards achieving your new year’s goals, remember to plan with your OKFB agent to ensure your assets are protected. Whether that’s for your Commercial Insurance, Farm & Ranch, Auto, or Home policy – we want you to worry about achieving your goals, and we’ll make sure you are covered and protected in the process.