OKFB Offers Tips for Preparing Your Business This Summer


Most businesses deal with slow and peak seasons throughout the year. For some businesses, summer may be a slower season. If so, this could be an opportunity to improve and prepare your business for an upcoming peak season. More>


OKFB Offers Tips to Prepare for Tornado Season


 According to the weather service, the most costly tornado in Oklahoma led to $2 billion in damage. With Oklahoma being located in the heart of tornado alley, it is important to create an emergency plan and ensure your home, vehicle, farm and ranch and other assets are protected. More <


OKFB Offers Tips to Prepare for American Heart Month


The CDC reports that since 2014, heart disease has been a top leading cause of death in Oklahoma. American Heart Month is a great time to focus on heart health and begin preparing for the future. Outside of following a doctor’s diet and exercise recommendations, Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) Insurance recommends Oklahomans obtain life insurance to give them some peace of mind. More>


OKFB Insurance Offers Tips for Driving this Winter


Icy and slick roads make winter one of the most dangerous seasons for driving. On average there are about half a million car accidents every year, according to the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), and 21% of those are weather-related.  Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance is offering the following tips to use when driving this winter. More>