Ways to prevent being underinsured in 2022

OKFB Insurance shares benefits of prioritizing and scheduling insurance reviews

OKLAHOMA – With every new year, there are planned changes and updates that come along with it. Sharing these planned activities with your insurance agent is helpful in ensuring there are no gaps in coverage.  

“It’s the little things that get done here and there that aren’t communicated with insurance agents that could lead anyone to being underinsured,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) Insurance. “Keeping your policy up to date is one of the best ways to ensure your farm and ranch, home, business — livelihood is covered.”

To help, OKFB Insurance is sharing ways Oklahomans can prevent being underinsured this new year.  

Schedule an Annual Insurance Review. Scheduling an insurance review with your agent at the start of every year is beneficial and ensures you have the right coverage going into the new year. It is the perfect time to discuss any recent changes or planned renovations that may impact current coverage. Insurance providers recommend scheduling an insurance review annually to help prevent becoming underinsured. 

Also, there are issues surrounding the pandemic that may have led to the adjustment or change in the costs of goods and services across Oklahoma. Consider visiting with your agent to discuss it and if your coverage may be impacted.

Create and Maintain an Inventory List. Inventories are not only helpful for businesses, they can also be helpful to have for homeowners and farmers and ranchers. Inventories are lists you can create either manually with a pen and paper or digitally using Excel, Google Sheets, etc. It is a detailed list that includes items you own, along with the following:

  1. A description of the item, 
  2. Serial number, if applicable
  3. Approximate date of purchase 
  4. Estimated value

Having an inventory is beneficial in not only keeping your policy updated, but also helpful to reference during your insurance review and when undergoing the claims process. Learn more on how homes and farms and ranch inventory lists are made and maintained.

Leverage Free Resources. Most insurance providers have resources and guides that answer commonly asked questions and share helpful insurance-related tips. Taking a look at blogs and articles can help in answering any questions and in providing helpful insurance-related information. Check out our guides and resources for additional information across all insurance lines. 

Insurance helps keep your assets and livelihood protected. Consider scheduling an annual insurance review with your agent, making inventory lists for your home, business or farm and ranch and reviewing guides and resources provided by your insurance carrier.   

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