OKFB Offers Ways Farmers Can Prepare for the Upcoming Winter Wheat Season

Oklahoma is the fourth highest state in total harvested wheat and cotton in 2017, according to the USDA.

OKLAHOMA – As the principal producers of wheat, corn and additional high-volume crops, Oklahoma farmers are huge contributors to the United States agricultural market. Each September, large quantities of wheat are harvested across the state, making it important for farmers and ranchers to have the necessary insurance protection. 

“OKFB takes pride in insuring many farmers and ranchers across Oklahoma,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) Insurance. “It is our pleasure to support and insure our hardworking men and women in the agriculture industry.”

As Oklahoma enters the winter wheat harvest season, consider these insights from OKFB Insurance to evaluate what type of insurance coverage may be needed. 

Understand Farm and Ranch Insurance. Taking care of crops, livestock and more is not simply a responsibility, but a livelihood. There are misconceptions about insurance that could mislead people to believe that Farm or Crop Insurance policies are only offered as standardized packages. However, farm and ranch policies are typically customizable to fit a farmer’s or rancher’s specific needs. 

Keep Your Policy Updated. Changes happen quickly on a farm, so be sure to check in with your agent on any changes that could leave your farm underinsured. One way to keep things organized is by developing a Farm Inventory list. This requires a log of all personal and farm items, including assets like tools, equipment, vehicles, fertilizer spreaders, irrigation equipment and more.

Schedule Maintenance. Equipment repair can be expensive and time-consuming, so it is critical to regularly conduct routine maintenance. Consider scheduling weekly, monthly or even seasonal equipment maintenance to keep assets running in their best condition. Also, reading equipment owner’s manuals could highlight a part’s lifecycle, like when to check fluids, lubricate chains, how to perform a cable inspection and more. Keep these tips in mind when scheduling farm or ranch equipment maintenance.

To ensure this September is a productive, safe and bountiful season, take some time to reevaluate your insurance policies. Set up a meeting with your local insurance agent and talk through your specific needs.

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