OKFB Insurance Offers Safety and Coverage Tips for Summer Activities

Safe practices to be mindful of when the family is boating, driving, traveling, etc. this summer

OKLAHOMA – The summer season is heating up and the activities are endless. As you look to plan road trips or day trips to the lake, it is important to ensure you’re covered.    

“Ensuring our policyholders’ safety and protection is our top priority,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of OKFB Insurance. “Accidents happen at the least expected times, especially when utilizing recreational vehicles. Understanding Recreation Insurance and its coverage can help keep you and those around you protected this summer.”

With all the various summer activities Oklahoma has to offer, OKFB Insurance recommends these safety tips for venturing out on summer adventures.

Wear/Store Safety Equipment. Whether you are taking the motorcycle out for an afternoon cruise or taking the boat out for the weekend, it is important to have and wear the necessary safety gear

  • For water vehicles, like boats or jet skis, a life jacket is critical to have onboard. Additionally, a bailing bucket, whistle, anchor and navigation lights can also be helpful and are required by the U.S. Coast Guard.  
  • Ensure helmets are worn when riding a motorcycle or an off-road vehicle. It is also recommended to wear long pants, sturdy boots and protective eyewear to shield you from possible dangers.

Schedule Maintenance. Most recreational vehicles, boats and RVs are in storage until the summer. Remember to schedule time to conduct maintenance before taking these vessels out on the road or water. A good inspection can help prevent unexpected engine problems or other issues that may arise.

Have The Right Coverage. Recreational vehicles will typically need Recreation Insurance. Boats, motorhomes, motorcycles and off-road vehicles are not always fully covered under standard Auto or Home Insurance. Recreation Insurance offers the liability, medical payments and damage coverage that may be needed in case of an accident. 

Whether you are a boat owner, motorcyclist, off-road venturer, or motorhome owner, Recreation Insurance can help keep you protected from life’s unexpected events. Contact your local OKFB agent to see how Recreation Insurance can cover your specific vehicle. 

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