OKLAHOMA – Whether it’s an official resolution or an indoor diversion during winter’s dreary days, many Oklahomans use the New Year as a milestone for getting things organized in their lives. Getting organized cannot only bring a sense of accomplishment, but it can start a pattern in your life for getting other things in top shape, too.

“At home, in the office and in the car are all places where we spend considerable portions of our lives,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau and Affiliated Companies. “Sometimes, it’s nice to use this time of year to step back, take stock of what’s important to us, put things in order and look forward to checking other resolutions off our lists.”

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance is offering the following tips to help Oklahomans get in order for a successful 2017:

Begin with the end in mind. Consider prioritizing what’s important to you for 2017 and organizing the things that will help you achieve your goals. For instance, if you’d like to eat more healthfully, organize your pantry by food type. Or, if spending more time with family is the goal, focus on making your family room an inviting space.

Take it one day at a time. Organization can be daunting to start and even more overwhelming to maintain. Evaluate your priorities and then make a schedule of when you’d like each piece of organization project to be completed. This helps break up projects into manageable tasks.

Don’t forget about your vehicle. Even when home and office are in top shape, sometimes it can be easy to make cars catchalls of storage, especially when things get busy. If odds and ends tend to accumulate in your car, consider setting a weekly reminder to dedicate five minutes to tidying your vehicle. Not only will it help you be more organized, but reducing in-car distractions can help make driving safer.

Get your files in order. Although the tangibles are the most likely to get our attention on a daily basis, there are many other items that can benefit from organization. Take a few minutes at the beginning of the year to organize your records, from tax receipts, to home and auto insurance and everything in between. This can also be a great time of year to organize records for tax season and reevaluate your insurance needs, for example.

About Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Companies

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