Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance offers tips for

life changes that come with marriage

In light of National Insurance Awareness Day on June 28, Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance is providing tips for couples who are getting married during the popular summer wedding months. Whether considering consolidating insurance or insuring engagement and wedding rings, there are many factors for couples to think about before they make it down the aisle.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of wedding planning, but it’s also important for couples to fully discuss important issues, including insurance policies, before getting married,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance. “Your insurance agent can help you navigate this new phase of life. By taking these steps now, you’ll help ensure your marriage starts out on a good note with the right coverage for your home, car, belongings and life.”

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance shares the following tips for couples getting married this summer:

Discuss coverage with vendors. When you’re interviewing prospective venues and vendors, ask them about their insurance policies, if they have them or require them and what they cover. You want vendors that are licensed in their respective fields and have business insurance that will cover them in case something goes awry.

Insure your ring. Engagement rings and wedding bands can be easy to lose, and your renters or homeowners policy may not cover the full cost to replace these items. Luckily, personal property coverage can be added to your policy and will give you an extra layer of protection for big ticket items, like jewelry. These offerings vary from carrier to carrier.

Choose your home location wisely. When looking for your first home together, remember insurance rates are based partially on home location. Homes close to fire hydrants and fire stations cost less to insure, and homes in higher crime neighborhoods cost more to insure.  Do your research about any property you are considering, and make gathering initial insurance premium quotes part of your home buying process.

It’s never too early for life insurance. Many newlyweds believe, because they are young and/or healthy, that they can wait to purchase life insurance, but the reality is that life insurance is valuable at all ages. A life insurance policy can help ensure your spouse is covered financially in case something were ever to happen to you.

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