OKFB Insurance Shares Ways to Take Control of Your Insurance for National Insurance Awareness Day

Best practices to implement that will ensure your insurance policy is securing your assets the way you need 

OKLAHOMA – National Insurance Awareness Day, June 28, is a great time to review insurance policies and current coverage to ensure all assets are protected for your specific needs. As life goes through changes, it’s important to remember insurance policies may also need to be revised to match.    

“Insurance reviews are often overlooked but are critical in keeping a policyholder’s coverage up to date,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau (OKFB) Insurance. “Too many times I have seen policyholders believe a new addition to their home or business was covered and wasn’t. Scheduling an insurance review at least once a year can help prevent this and keep your assets covered.”  

OKFB Insurance is sharing ways to help you stay on top of your insurance and feel confident as you make decisions and coverage changes. 

Schedule an Insurance Review. Contact your insurance agent and schedule time to review your insurance policies. This is an opportunity to discuss any changes or renovations, like if an outbuilding was constructed in the backyard, if you changed your business to be home-based, etc. Discussing these changes with an insurance agent will ensure there is no gap in insurance coverage. 

Learn the Insurance Claims Process. It is important to know the process for how to file a claim before an event occurs that requires you to file said claim. Your insurance provider can tell you ahead of time what information will be needed, where to make a claim and when a claim can be made. For instance, OKFB Insurance has a 24/7 claims hotline and is available at all times.  

Take Advantage of Free Resources. To help you feel confident about your insurance, take advantage of the resources and guides an insurance carrier offers. Insurance agents are always available for questions, but reading the blogs, tips and guides an insurance carrier has can help fill in gaps and provide helpful insurance-related information. Check out our guides and resources for additional information across all insurance lines. 

Insurance helps keep your assets and livelihood protected. This Insurance Awareness Day, take the time to speak to your agent, learn about an insurance carrier’s claims process and read the guides and resources provided by the carrier.

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