Why You Need to Maximize Your Renters Insurance

Only 41 percent of renters have Renters Insurance, according to the Insurance Information Institute

OKLAHOMA – If you live on rented property and aren’t maximizing your Renters Insurance, you could be missing an opportunity to protect your property and preserve your peace of mind at an affordable rate.

“People often assume they are covered by their landlord’s policy or they underestimate the value of their possessions,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of OKFB Insurance. “Knowing how much your items are worth and then ensuring they are covered will save you money, time and energy in the long run.”

With many college students about to rent a home or apartment for the first time, OKFB Insurance is sharing the importance of maximizing your Renters Insurance and how to sign up to protect yourself and your belongings.

Renters Insurance protects your personal property. Your landlord or apartment will not cover damages, losses or theft of your personal property. A landlord’s Home Insurance only covers what they own, not what you own.

Renters Insurance extends to personal liability coverage. If someone is injured on your rented property or if you damage someone else’s property, Renters Insurance affords liability protection that can help with bodily injury or property damage arising out of an occurrence which an insured person becomes legally obligated to pay.

Renters Insurance offers great versatility for customers living in high-rise apartments to small and large family homes. Renters Insurance is a necessary safeguard.

Enrolling in Renters Insurance with OKFB is affordable and simple. Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Learn more about Renters Insurance from Oklahomans just like you.

An OKFB agent can help you understand which coverage option will be right for you, your family and your home and provide high-quality security for your future. Visit OKFB Insurance for a quote or to find your local OKFB agent.

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