Top Farm Apps & Podcasts

Looking for ways to learn more about new trends or farming and ranching methods? Apps and podcasts are great resources! As technology evolves in the agriculture industry and regulations constantly change, farm apps and podcasts are available and they share and discuss the latest information. Check out these top agriculture apps and podcasts that you could add to your routine!

AgriSync App

There’s a lot to focus on when managing a farm or ranch. Time is critical, and the AgriSync app could help you save time, especially when dealing with a broken piece of equipment. This app is a customer service platform specifically for ag-businesses and equipment dealers. To explain, if an issue arises with your equipment or machinery, the app can connect you with advisors that will provide support and solutions quickly. Also, farmers can use the AgriSync app for free.

Yara CheckIT App

As you know, it’s important to pay close attention to your crops as they grow to ensure they are healthy and profitable. The Yara CheckIT app can help ensure this happens. It provides a library of crop images that can filter by symptom, location of symptom and more. This could be helpful in seeing if a crop is experiencing a nutritional deficiency. Also, The Yara CheckIt farm app will even recommend a fertilizer to treat identified deficiencies. 

AgMobile App

Farming and ranching at their core are businesses. If you want to keep an eye on grain and livestock markets, solicit bids on crops and other upcoming trends, try out AgMobile. It lays out commodity news, weather, charts, local news and more. 

Oklahoma Farm Report Podcast 

Ron Hays, Director of Farm and Ranch Programming at Radio Oklahoma Ag Network, hosts three farm podcasts: Ag Perspectives with Ron Hays, Farm & Ranch News with Ron Hays and Beef Buzz with Ron Hays. New episodes are posted every two weeks. Hays shares the latest trends, his thoughts on new farm and ranch regulations and discusses other changes in the industry. 

The Ranching Brunette Podcast

Are you a first-generation farmer? The Ranching Brunette podcast focuses on providing tips and advice to aspiring farmers. Through interviews with successful farmers and ranchers in the industry, this podcast could offer the motivation and support you need as you establish yourself in the ag-business. 

The Working Ranch Radio Show Podcast

This podcast highlights stories and real-life experiences from farmers and ranchers across the country. Additionally, issues in the ag and livestock industry are discussed in-depth. If you’re looking to learn more about the industry nationwide and what issues are circulating, consider diving into this podcast.

However, if you’re looking to listen to a more local perspective, the Murray Farm and Ranch YouTube channel is a great source. They share farming and ranching tips, recipes and more. 

Along with being up to date with the latest trends and methodologies, remember to check in with your local OKFB agent. If any changes have been made to your farm or ranch, your policy may need to be updated. We’re here to keep your livelihood covered against the unexpected.

farmer standing between two grain bins after reviewing farm apps