OKFB Insurance Shares Places to Shelter During Severe Weather


 Located in the heart of tornado alley, Oklahoma typically has between 51 to 66 tornadoes per year according to The Weather Channel. Considering the state’s history with devastating tornadoes, longtime residents know how important it is to prepare and have a plan. More>


Habits to implement for National Cancer Prevention Month


For the past two years, the importance of health and disease prevention have been leading topics of conversation. People are reminded now more than ever to take precautions against contracting diseases, especially with this month being National Cancer Prevention Month. More>


Ways to prevent being underinsured in 2022


With every new year, there are planned changes and updates that come along with it. Sharing these planned activities with your insurance agent is helpful in ensuring there are no gaps in coverage. More>


OKFB Insurance shares tips on setting 2022 business goals


The new year will be here before we know it. One way businesses can prepare is by developing realistic and strategic business goals that could help further support entrepreneurial endeavors. More>