A Message from our EVP during COVID-19

To our agents and employees, thank you for all you are doing to continue serving your fellow Oklahomans during these challenging and unprecedented times.

To our policyholders, members, neighbors and friends, as Oklahomans, we will weather this storm together and come out as a stronger community because of it.

As non-essential businesses are being temporarily shut down and shelter-in-place orders are going into effect across the state, our service as an insurance company has been considered essential. The Department of Homeland Security outlines insurance as one of the 16 critical infrastructures that must maintain business during a pandemic.

We understand this is an enormous responsibility, and we are proud to remain open and ready to serve you. We are committed to providing safe, secure, simple and seamless insurance protection for our members across all 77 Oklahoma counties. OKFB Insurance, our agents and our employees remain nimble, accessible, strong, steady and ready to serve.

As we remain open, we are focused on the health of our employees and members. We have implemented enhanced cleaning measures and are taking steps to reduce the number of outside visitors in our offices across the state.

We are proud to be Oklahomans serving Oklahomans for more than 70 years, and we will continue to do our part as a crucial piece of the puzzle during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Gary Buckner

Executive Vice President and General Manager
Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance