The Spirit Of Huge

When disaster struck in an Oklahoma community, neighbors rallied together to serve and to overcome in a Huge way. Their hard work and determination to bounce back from the event as a stronger, tighter-knit community was so powerful that, one day, out of their collective Oklahoma grit arose the spirit of Huge.

The spirit of Huge is about being there for others. It’s about passionate and powerful service and protection. And, finally, it’s about being your neighbor down the street who is available and eager to help at a moment’s notice.

These characteristics are familiar ones to the many policyholders we serve across the state. That’s because, since our beginning in 1946, OKFB Insurance has actively embodied the Huge spirit. Huge service and protection are in our roots and remain at the core of who we are as a company today.

We are proud to say, we are Oklahomans helping Oklahomans. In all 77 counties across the state, you will find our agents actively living out our Huge spirit in their service to you. Whether it’s your home, vehicle, farm or ranch, business or life, we take seriously our duty to protect what matters most to our fellow Oklahomans.