6 Items You Need In Your Ice Storm Emergency Kit

Are you prepared for an ice storm? Having an emergency kit in your home and car before an ice storm hits could be critical for staying safe in dangerous conditions. Milk and bread shouldn’t be the only items on your emergency checklist! From blankets to cat litter, take a look at our ice storm emergency kit essentials so you can stay safe whether you’re at home or on the road:

Warm clothes and blankets

Staying warm, especially if there’s an outage or you’re on the road, is crucial during an ice storm. Beat the chill by stocking up on warm clothes and blankets. The best bet to keep you warm when temperatures drop is a combination of wool or fleece blankets for insulation and a sleeping bag or emergency blanket that uses Mylar to stop heat evaporation. It’s also a good idea to leave at least one change of clothes and a blanket in your car if you get stuck in a storm while traveling.

Flashlights and portable chargers

Don’t be left in the dark during an ice storm! Flashlights and portable chargers are two important items that should be included in any emergency kit during an ice storm. Flashlights and portable chargers will come in handy, especially if the power is out for a long period of time. Already have these in your kit? Now is the time to check that the batteries are working or fully charged so everything is ready if the power goes out.

Bottled water and snacks

When stocking up on items for your home ice storm emergency kit, it’s essential to make sure you have plenty of water and snacks. Load up on all the trail mix, granola bars, peanut butter – anything non-perishable. Pay attention to the expiration date and throw out any food that is past its date!

Ice scraper and shovel

In addition to having water and non-perishable snacks, having a shovel and an ice scraper in your car is also essential for staying safe and prepared. It may help clear out a path to get out more safely if you’re traveling and get stuck on the side of the road.

Sand or cat litter

Having sand in your ice storm emergency kit is an important element of staying safe during an ice storm. You can sprinkle sand on slick, icy surfaces to provide more traction for walking or driving on a pathway. Don’t have sand on hand? Cat litter can also work to give more traction on slippery surfaces.

First aid kit

First aid kits are crucial for ice storm preparation. If you’re stuck in place and an accident occurs, a first aid kit gives you the tools you need when help is out of reach. It’s also a good practice to have a first aid kit for your home, as well as for your car when traveling.

Remember to continue to update your home and car emergency kits based on your family’s needs. If you’re on the road and need help, don’t forget about Roadside Rescue. This free service runs 24/7, meaning roadside assistance is just a call away. If you’re already an OKFB policyholder, save the Roadside Rescue phone number in your cell phone for quick access during an emergency: 833-957-OKFB (6532).

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