Protect your loved ones by getting your insurance in shape

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and chances are you’re looking for a way to show your loved ones you care. While roses and chocolates might show your love in the short term, an up-to-date insurance policy can protect your loved ones. You may not be able to give an insurance policy as a gift, but you can make sure your life insurance policy has the right amount of coverage. Learn more about this act of love and others that will show your loved ones you care!

Update your life insurance policy

Life insurance is necessary, no matter your age or health status, and keeping your coverage up to date is just as important. Changes in family size or responsibility can impact your life insurance needs or your policy’s premium. Ensure you know the ins and outs of your current policy, and chat with your agent about the right amount of coverage to protect you and your loved ones in case of the unexpected.

Consider coverage for the road

Your vehicle gets you from point A to point B and everywhere in between. On the road, showing your loved ones you care starts with driving safely. But you should also make sure you have the right coverage for your unique scenario. Auto insurance can help cover any accidents you have, but more importantly it can also be a source of protection for you and your passengers against accidents.

Ensure your home is properly insured

Your home is where you family spends the most time, and ensuring you have the proper coverage is of utmost importance. Review and update your policy annually to account for any changes to your property or possessions. Renovations in the last year could mean your property needs a valuation update, and any big ticket items purchased may require adding personal property coverage to your policy.

You can learn more about the right coverage for your unique needs by contacting an agent.

Tips for Driving Safely All Winter Long

As we begin the last weeks of winter, it’s tempting to look ahead to the joys of spring. However, we all know from living in Oklahoma that the weather can be 55 degrees and sunny one day and 25 degrees and snowing the next. Join us in driving safely these next few weeks by keeping these winter driving tips in mind!

Prepare a Winter Car Kit

A short, routine trip can easily turn into a long journey if roads are inundated with winter conditions. Prepare a winter car kit and include items you may need in case of a delayed trip, car breakdown or getting stuck on the road. Consider an ice scraper, gloves, blanket, road salt, shovel, snacks, bottled water, candle, lighter, car charger, flashlight and jumper cables. You’ll also want to have a copy of your auto insurance card and any numbers for roadside assistance handy.

Check Road Conditions Ahead of Time

There is nothing worse than hitting the road only to come across less-than-ideal road conditions. Even if it is a route you take every day, check the weather, watch the news and read up on road conditions. You’ll also want to check for road closures and any outstanding accidents that may require a change of route. Less-than-ideal road conditions mean you need to go more slowly, so leave yourself extra time for travel.

Inspect Your Car Before Each Drive

Each time you head out to your vehicle, make a lap around the car to inspect it before taking off. In cold weather, tires can lose pressure and deflate slightly; make sure they are still at a safe level to drive on. You should also check the tread thickness of your tires, ensure nothing is clogging your exhaust pipe and confirm that your headlights and tail lights work.

Drive With Extra Care and Caution

Less-than-ideal road conditions you must focus on driving safely and with caution. Reduce your speed, leave extra distance between your vehicle and others, start braking sooner than you normally would and try to stop strategically in a way that won’t leave you sliding downhill or struggling to take off again. Lastly, limit distractions in your car, including radio and cellphone use, and stay focused on making it home safe.

No matter where you drive, make sure you are protected with custom auto insurance to fit your needs. Contact an agent to discuss the coverage you need!