Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance shares tips for National Bath Safety Month

January is widely observed as National Bath Safety Month, serving as a reminder for parents and caregivers to improve safety measures in the bathroom. The bathroom is a common place for personal injury, and it is also a space with several other heightened risk factors, such as the risk of flood and fire. Help make your bathroom a safer space this year by following these bathroom safety tips from Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance.

“Home is often thought of as a safe space, but the bathroom can be a common place for personal injury and property damage,” said Gary Buckner, executive vice president and general manager of Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Companies. “It’s easy to overlook safety measures in this room, but this month is the perfect reminder to take action against unnecessary injuries and accidents.”

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance is offering the following tips for making your bathroom a safer space this January:

Avoid slips. Personal injury in the bathroom is most often attributed to slips and falls, which are normally a result of the slippery-when-wet surfaces found in the bathroom. To help avoid slips, affix a non-slip mat to the bottom of the bathtub and a grab bar to the wall near the bathtub. Make sure the bath rug or mat outside of the bathtub is slip resistant as well.

Minimize flood risk. Every utility in the bathroom runs on water, and thus poses the risk of flooding. To minimize flood risk, stay by the bathtub as it is filling, turning it off before it gets too full. When it comes to preventative accessories, make sure the bathtub and sink have overflow drains installed. Additionally, locate the shut-off valves for the toilet and sink and be prepared to use them at the first sign of flooding.

Prevent fires. Regularly inspect all outlets and cords and don’t use them if frayed or damaged. Also make sure outlets and extension cords aren’t overloaded, which can cause them to overheat. Unplugging electrical appliances when not in use is also another best practice.

Prevent shock. Bathrooms are filled with appliances that run on electricity, and electricity and water don’t mix well. Electric shock can cause personal injury and can lead to sparks that cause a fire. Unplug and put away any appliances, like hair dryers, before running a bath. Outside of the bathtub, make sure hands are dry before using appliances. Another good safety measure is to install a special type of outlet that shuts off before allowing personal shock.